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The MCG-UGA Medical Partnership Medical is taking a slightly different approach to physician education from most medical schools. The idea is to have its students tackle clinical problems from the start of their first year, instead of focusing on basic science for two years and then shifting to the clinic. Here, three students talk about this learning style.

Lori Pindar

Lori Pindar

Lori Pindar is a freelance health and science writer based in South Carolina. She earned her undergraduate degree at Clemson University and recently returned to her alma mater as student services coordinator for the Communication Studies Department. As a UGA graduate student she was twice selected as a science writing fellow to report on research conferences organized by the National Academies of Science; her work is included in NAS publications. Her multimedia experience includes two semesters shooting and editing video documentaries for The Med School Project. Her most recent work includes a chapter (under review) for an upcoming Health Communication textbook. She plans to pursue both health journalism and academic writing.

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