Taking the Leap: a Profile on Katie Zhang

Most people would not leave a successful and highly paid consulting career to embark on the long path to becoming a physician. But that is exactly what Katie Zhang, a 25 year-old first-year medical student at the MCG-UGA Medical Partnership did. After working for three years as a healthcare consultant, Zhang felt the need for a change. In addition to pursuing her natural curiosity about science, which had been a passion since childhood, she wanted to “make a mark on this Earth, and have a meaningful impact on people’s lives.”

She is excited about working with talented people in the medical field and believes her consulting experience will help her be part of the physicians’ voice in discussions about the future of healthcare in this country.

At first, her family had serious reservations about Katie’s desire to attend medical school. Now that they see how happy she is with her decision, they’ve become very supportive. On September 25, 2010, Zhang’s whole family flew from California to the White Coat Ceremony in Augusta, GA.

Yanli Liu

Yanli Liu

Yanli Liu is now pursuing her journalism career in Beijing, China. Before coming to UGA, she earned a B.S. in biology at Wuhan University and an M.S. in molecular biology from Texas A&M University-Commerce. Her thesis research focused on neural stem cells. At UGA, videos she made as an HMJ student were also used by the Department of Theater and Film Studies and the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

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